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Newly added, but not necessarily the newest drawings. Check the gallery subsections!

Commission Order Form Version 3.0 !

Above you’ll see many examples, however you can use my archives on deviantArt, or on Tumblr to see hundreds of more examples.

Commission Order Examples v3 by AutobotTesla

Types of Commissions

Mimikyu Variants [NEW]

Single / Multiple Pokémon Commissions (One or more Pokémon)

Team Commissions (Any amount of Pokémon + Any amount of Trainers)

Human / Trainer Alone (Half / full body)

Non-Pokémon Commissions (Any anime, cartoon, TV show or movie plus crossovers)

Other (Please let me know!)

All officially revealed Pokémon are allowed, as well as their Forme Changes, shinies and Mega Evolutions.

Prices typically range from $4 - $70+ from simple to the very complicated.

Everything should be done in 1-15 business days, and I will always provide a general estimated time of completion. Shiny Pokémon do not cost more.

I will not draw non-worksafe or lewd images pertaining to animals or Pokémon. Non-worksafe adult humans both fictional and non-fictional are fine as long as it is tasteful. These are at an extra cost due to complexity. I will not be posting these works to my social media.

With that, I thank all of you for your continued support in both commissioning as well as just being here to like and reblog the drawings and posts. I hope to continue to grow in skill and continue to draw more and more in the future, and I’m glad you’re here, reading this.

Commission Order Form Version 3.0 !


AutobotTesla's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Currently doing a 721 Pokémon challenge. This profile was created on the 96th day. Just branching out, trying to get my drawings out there. No real reason, just for fun.

I draw Pokémon, people from /r/Redditgetsdrawn, and other miscellaneous things from real life and pop culture.


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Fanofskunks Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  New Deviant
Plz make me an art work i need a cool stunky with name and style
Cyrusis Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017
Just giving you a heads up that your art has been stolen and is being sold in large quantities. Read my paragraph below, reporting them isn't about what Facebook cares about, it's about crippling the marketer.


You can report it to Facebook right here:…

They will take it down within 24 hours in most cases. Make sure you report them, they are making thousands of $$ and you're not seeing a cent of it. It penalizes their Facebook advertising account which can cripple them financially (a good thing in this case). A report literally takes 5 minutes to fill out with Facebook. After about 6-10 Copyright strikes, the advertiser's account will get banned (this includes their IP, payment methods, etc.). This particular advertiser on Facebook is stealing a lot of artwork, and he's close to being banned, so please make sure you report these and protect your copyright (you'll otherwise become a target if you don't defend your art).

Hope that helps. Good luck.
Crystal-Ribbon Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist……

I've seen someone selling your artwork on facebook
AutobotTesla Featured By Owner Edited Jan 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks. Honestly Facebook doesn't care, and it takes far too much trouble than it's worth to fight 'em, unfortunately. They'll get away with it, they always do. Thanks for bringing to to my attention, though.
Crystal-Ribbon Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh okay, that's too bad
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